Build confidence for a power moment in your life. Feel more energy flowing through your body. Get glowing skin. Sleep better. Learn to create resilience so stress doesn’t get the better of you.

Three-six-o means 360° of possibility for your wellbeing. Inside-out. Outside-in.

Each of us is unique, different.

Our highest potential is revealed when we harness our body’s ability to repair itself while pushing ourselves to the max.

3-6-O offers spa therapies, coaching for nutrition and stress resiliency as well as consulting and training for spa/wellness businesses. Take a closer look…


Custom spa therapies to restore energy, reduce muscle tension & repair skin



Strategies for building Stress Resiliency & improving Nutrition



Best practices for measurable results in Spa/Wellness business



No two spa therapies are ever alike. We are changing every moment—our skin is shedding approximately a billion cells per day, our hydration and nutrition levels must be constantly maintained, and our bodies are repairing and renewing every second. Together we’ll find your unique balance.

3-6-O Customized Care



Anti-ageing, acne, and skin sensitivities, along with pigmentation challenges and everything in between can be treated with a facial treatment where you determine the focus.

Body Treatment

Body Treatment

Smoother, softer skin texture, body detoxification and hydrated skin can all be achieved with a customized body treatment. Spot treatments, such as heels and elbows, are always available.



Muscle tension, stress and lack of energy or sleep can all be addressed with a custom massage treatment. A fusion of techniques—such as Swedish relaxation, acupressure, deep tissue and reflexology—can be combined to address specific needs.

Get Started

Step #1: Connect

Decide how much time you would like to dedicate to your spa session. (No need to select from a pre-prepared list of services. Although you are welcome to, at this stage you don’t even need to decide if you want a facial, body treatment or massage.)

Step #2: Customize

Each time you arrive, we will scan your body from head-to-toe, and you get to decide which zones need the most attention. We will always choose a Goal for your session, so I know what matters most. Your therapy will be designed on-the-spot and can include elements of face, body and massage together in one session, if desired.

Step #3: Recover

The time you have reserved is dedicated for you. All you need to do is breathe and let go. Now is when your skin, body and mind get a dose of repair and recovery.

Step #4: Personal Training

As a coach and trainer, I will always be able to help you with what you can do in between visits to maximize your wellbeing. This could be anything from practicing a specific yoga move to improve posture & minimize back pain to discovering what ingredients are best for your skin condition.

Additional Information


You pay for my time, which includes all products and treatments that take place within a given session.

30 min = 95 CHF
60 min = 145 CHF
90 min = 175 CHF
*for microneedling or peels, add 20 CHF for product cost


Three-six-o accepts cash, credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

Additional Beauty Services | Hair removal

Face = upper lip/chin, 30 CHF
Brow Design = 70 CHF
Brow Maintenance = 30 CHF (must be w/in 1 month of your last brow service)


Brow/Lash = 40 CHF


Stress Resiliency

Do you believe that in the next year, you are going to have less stress in your life? Probably not. Stress is here to stay, so we may as well make it a friend, not an enemy.

Did you know that how you perceive your stress can make all the difference in how your body responds to it—and even influences your body’s chance of being strengthened from stress, or dying from it?

Resiliency means improving your physical, mental and emotional response to stress, enabling you to handle more while maintaining sustainable high performance.

Nutrition Coaching

Do you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted?
Look in the mirror and feel you are ageing faster than you’d like to?
Are you experiencing symptoms of menopause and need support for this difficult time?
All of these, plus weight gain, trouble sleeping, and mood disorders can be helped by personalized nutrition coaching. My approach is not about putting people on a specific diet, but rather to help them optimize their nutrition choices.
I also specialize in helping people with skin disorders—such as acne and rosacea—to discover if what they are eating is making the problem worse.

Individual Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching that focuses on building the habits and rituals that will help you become more resilient without adding more to your “to do” list.

Choose from the following
modules to get you started:

Intro to Stress Resiliency

Nutrition for the Skin

Nutrition for Anti-Ageing

Nutrition for Menopause

High Energy

Better Sleep

Additional Information


30 min = 95 CHF
60 min = 145 CHF
90 min = 175 CHF


Three-six-o accepts cash, credit/debit cards and bank transfers.


In my nearly 20 years in the spa and wellness industry, I have helped open spas in such diverse places as Australia, Japan, Korea, the EU and Russia. Studying the wellness rituals and skincare traditions of diverse cultures has shaped my spa philosophy-treating people on a very individual basis, fusing together world wisdoms – such as Ayurveda – with modern technology for real results.

My speciality is working with teams to deliver a bespoke customer experience—from guest services, to hospitality, menu creation, marketing, staff communication and retail sales training.

Book a consultation to see how I can help your business grow.

Here are some of the places
where I have helped to create
measurable results.


Loisium Wine and Spa Retreat
Langenlois, Austria

Maischön – Frisör – Kosmetik
Bregenz, Austria


Ste. Anne’s Country Inn & Spa
Grafton, Ontario


Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa
Aghadoe, Killarney, Co. Kerry


The Grand Fasano
Lake Garda, Italy


The Caves
Negril, Jamaica

Strawberry Hill
St. Andrew, Jamaica


Aveda Lifestyle Salon/Spa
Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa
Madrid, Spain


Giardino Hotels

United States

Grand View Lodge Glacial Waters Spa
Nisswa MN


I am a Hoosier (by birth), a Swiss citizen (by marriage), an ex-pat, a risk-taker, runner, practitioner of yoga, wanna-be chef, foodie, auntie to 8, world-traveler and hard worker.

But, most of all, I’m curious.

Curious about how I can continually learn to develop my own pure potential. And I find the best way to do that for myself is to help others to do it, too. Professor of physics Frank Oppenheimer (1912-1985) said, “the best way to learn is to teach, the best way to teach is to keep learning”, and that, “what counts in the end is having had a shared, reflected experience.” I take that to heart.

My three-six-o, 360-degree practice is one of exploring how to find wellbeing, balance and resilience for each of my customers. It will be unique for each one of you.

I have studied retail management at Purdue University in my home state of Indiana, USA. I hold a Nutrition Certification and a Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Coaching Certification from Precision Nutrition. As a licensed spa therapist, I spent a number of years as the Director of Global Spa Education for the Aveda Corporation and have helped Aveda start doing business in Spain, Japan, Russia, Norway, and France.

My services are available in multiple languages–English, German and Spanish.

I look forward to creating a unique experience for you very soon!




Krista Kiley
Falknerstrasse 12
4001 Basel

T: +41 (0) 79 359 80 48